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TST Inc. Partners with Hydrova for Zero-Waste Aluminum Dross Recycling

TST Inc. is proud to announce its partnership with Hydrova to pilot its innovative technology for zero-waste aluminum dross recycling. In this pilot project, Hydrova will convert aluminum dross from TST’s aluminum recycling facility into valuable products including aluminum, fluxing salts, aluminum oxide, and green hydrogen, leaving zero waste behind for landfill.

This marks a major advancement from traditional technologies, which only recover aluminum and leave the remaining salts and oxides for landfill. Aluminum and fluxing salts are key raw materials for TST’s aluminum recycling operation.

The TST team is thrilled to partner with Hydrova to to create a circular economy in which aluminum recycling byproducts are fully repurposed in a closed loop and kept out of landfill.

About TST Inc.

TST Inc. has more than 75 years of experience in the aluminum industry and is one of the major American producers of secondary aluminum ingot, billet and cast plate. With five divisions in four locations, TST has more than 270 employees and serves industries around the globe including aerospace, automotive, appliances, lighting, building products and semiconductor.

As one of the largest aluminum recyclers in the western United States, TST is a key contributor to the sustainable production of aluminum products. This effort demonstrates TST’s leadership in moving the industry toward a complete zero-waste future.

About Hydrova

Hydrova is a sustainable technology company helping create a circular economy in the aluminum industry. Founded in 2020 with a grant from MIT, Hydrova has become an emerging leader in zero-waste solutions for managing aluminum recycling waste byproducts. Hydrova’s innovative technology repurposes the solid components of dross and salt cake while producing green hydrogen for clean energy use.